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Money Heist’s ‘Professor’ Alvaro Morte In Pakistan? Fans Are Stunned By His Doppelganger

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The internet is going mad after they have found a look-alike of a professor from Money Heist. The doppelganger is found in Pakistan and his resemblance with Alvaro Morte is shocking.

Money Heist is one of the most popular series on Netflix. After the recent release of its fifth season, the show has again become the highlight of OTT platforms. From the characters of the show to their unique character names, the show has been in the media for all good reasons.

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Professor has become a worldwide crush for girls after his amazing performance in the series. However, people have found a doppelganger of La Casa De Papel actor in Pakistan. This is not a joke! The resemblance between the looks of both is just shocking.

The resemblance between the two is uncanny. The man standing in the general store looks nothing less than the professor standing himself. He is wearing a pair of specs similar to those of the professor. People said that it seems that the professor is preparing for his next heist while working in a general store.

A Twitter user and a Money Heist enthusiast shared the picture of the professor’s doppelganger on social media platforms. The caption of the tweet read, “La Casa do pattay disprin.” With the continuous flow of hilarious comments, another user wrote, “Professor is now entering Kirana shop business in Pakistan.”

In the series, Professor is seen connecting to his highly qualified hackers in Pakistan. Taking context from the same, another user commented, “Professor’s Pakistan connection.”


The first volume of the fifth season of the show was released a few days ago. It has left the viewers numb with sudden twists in the last episode of the season. If you haven’t watched the first volume yet, what are you waiting for? Binge-watch the show to know about all the sudden turns in the plot.

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