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4 Chick Flicks That Are Must Watch For Men As Well

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Whether man or woman, we all have our flaws and times when our life seems like such a mess that we start doubting ourselves. These 4 chick flicks will give you a good laugh and will make you believe in yourself no matter what, so you should watch them whether you are a man or a woman. 

Confessions Of A Shopaholic 

Rebecca Bloomwood will teach you that no matter how hard the situation, you can always get out of it. There is fun in chaos after all!  You just have to do what makes you happy and chase your dreams and the rest will fall into place (and if it doesn’t, shopping will always make you feel better!) This movie also shows how the support of loved ones can motivate us and have a tremendous impact on our growth, so take note and do anything for your best friend, even if that involves wearing an ugly bridesmaid’s dress (guys, you could also show your brotherhood in similar ways rather than being all macho and not expressing your love for your guy best friends).

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confessions of a shopaholic
confessions of a shopaholic still – 4 best chick flicks for men (credit- IMDb)

The Devil Wears Prada 

IWhen you have just got out of college and you work in a field that is completely different from what you have your degree in or you feel out-of-place or you have no idea about how some things are done. Also, asking your colleagues seems like a nightmare because you get a vibe from each one of them that screams, I don’t like you! But, if you persevere and use the criticism in a positive way to get better, there is nothing that will stop you from success. Trying to do tasks that most people would consider impossible is a sign of a winner!

the devil wears prada (4 best chick flicks that could be watched by men as well)
the devil wears prada still – 4 best chick flicks for men (credit- IMDb)

Legally Blonde 

Legally Blonde is a confidence booster like no other. It teaches us to believe in ourselves when nobody else does. The fact that the beautiful bond of friendship can be formed at the most unlikely places is shown through Elle’s and Paulette friendship. It shows us that with love, compassion and belief in oneself one can do anything, including getting into Harvard, solving a hard-hitting murder case as a student and winning over the person who once hated you.

legally blonde
legally blonde still – 4 best chick flicks for men (credit- IMDb)


Those teenage years when we are just beginning to discover ourselves are the toughest. There are some things that we are good at and other things that we absolutely suck at and we beat ourselves because of those things, don’t we? When we want to “fit in” and what our friends think about us matters so much to us, we are stressed that our friends will judge us and think we are losers if we have not done the “adult things” that they have already done. We realize we are trying to sort out other people’s lives when we have no clue what we are doing and suddenly in all that confusion, we see a ray of hope and before we know it things start falling in place even without us trying.

clueless still – 4 best chick flicks for men (credit- IMDb)

So go grab some popcorn guys and girls and watch these 4 chick flicks with your friends!

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