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Remember Emraan Hashmi Once Called Modi A ‘Cheater’? Watch

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In one of his press conferences of the movie ‘Why Cheat India’, Emraan Hashmi had openly called Modi the biggest cheater in India. Scroll below to find out more.

Emraan has not only played smart roles in his movies but he is also known for his smart replies in his interviews and press conferences. He has a great sense of humour and gives witty replies in press conferences. He is one of the finest actors in our industry and has managed to win million hearts with his bold roles in his career spanning around two decades.

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Emraan Hashmi’s unconventional roles have grabbed attention in the initial years of his career. Contrary to the movies, Emraan stays out of the limelight. But in one instance, he called Modi a cheater, which left everyone in splits. 

In the conference held in 2019, Emraan Hashmi was asked by one of the media persons about who he thinks are the biggest cheaters in India, in a split second, he said, “Mallya and Modi”. However, after taking a small pause, he said, “Nirav Modi”. After his answer, everyone present in the conference room burst into laughter.

When this response caught the attention of Twitter users, they reacted and had a good moment laughing over the reply. Sanjay Jha, a renowned politician of India, had also reacted to the tweet and wrote that younger Modi is making news while the elder is already cheating India. 

Only the actor knows whose name he wanted to take while answering and who he thinks is actually cheating India. While some people took this as a joke, some people took this personally, as they thought that the actor was disrespecting and mocking Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The sudden backlash prevented Emraan Hashmi from making such kinds of gestures again while making a public appearance.

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