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Fake Account Of Rajkumar Hirani’s Son Offers 20 Crores For A Role, FIR Filed

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In shocking news, fraudsters created a fake account in the name of Rajkumar Hirani’s son, offering aspiring actors a whopping amount for a role urgently needed in a movie. An FIR has been lodged against the fraudsters. However, the people remain unknown as of now.

An FIR has been lodged by the police against some unknown people who have created a fake account on social media in the name of Rajkumar Hirani’s son, Kabir, and offered a whopping amount of 20 crores to the selected candidate. In the post, the person has asked interested people to contact Hirani for a role required in his next movie. 

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Even though no arrests have been made yet, the investigation is still in process and the accused will be found soon. On Wednesday, the RH Films approached the Andheri police station and filed an FIR under sections 66C and 66D of the IT law. These sections are for impersonation using a computer resource for cheating and related agendas. 

The act came into the authorities’ notice when Rajkumar Hirani‘s office received a mail on July 2 from an aspiring actor enquiring about the auditions for the casting call, which was announced by his son, Kabir, on Instagram. The name of the movie was also mentioned, it is ‘3 Teenage’.The crew was shocked since they are not working on any such project. 

The fake account creator put out an ad on Instagram stating that there is an urgent need for roles in the upcoming movie of Hirani, and the interested candidates should contact the production as soon as possible. 

Fraudsters also mentioned that the makers of the movie are ready to offer an amount of 20 crores for the role. On July 6, they received another similar email. That’s when Rajkumar Hirani’s team decided to inform the police about the same. 

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