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Sooryavanshi Day 6 Early Estimates: Another Good Day For This Akshay Kumar Starrer

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Sooryavanshi day 6 early estimates are finally out, and it suggests another good weekday for Akshay Kumar’s latest cop drama. After a blockbuster weekend, good momentum was expected and exactly the same thing has been shown by this latest Bollywood release.

Speaking of weekdays, Akshay’s latest release did a business of 14.51 crores on day 4 i.e. first Monday. On Tuesday, the collections saw a slight dip by adding 11.22 crores. Now, it’s learned that another good day has been added to the kitty.

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As per early estimates flowing in, Sooryavanshi has earned 9.30-10.30 crores on day 6 i.e. first Wednesday. It’s a good trend after earning 11.22 crores on the previous day. Maximum numbers are coming from Maharashtra and Gujarat.

After Sooryavanshi day 6 numbers, the grand total of the film stands at 112.11-113.11 crores.

Post 100 crore mark, Sooryavanshi is aiming for comfortably crossing the 150 crore mark. Considering the COVID restrictions of theatres in some major states and the existence of scare among people, the 150 crore mark would really be a good achievement. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that the film has the potential to even cross the 200 crore mark in long run.

Not just Akshay Kumar but even Rohit Shetty’s name as a director has played a big role in fetching such numbers for Sooryavanshi. For those who don’t know, Shetty has a huge following among the family audience in Maharashtra’s cities like Mumbai and Pune. One can say, Akshay and Shetty have proved to be a double-barrel gun at the box office.

Another major factor behind the film’s tremendous box office numbers is the presence of Ajay Devgn‘s Singham. Yes, you read that right! From the reports what we have got from cine-goers, many of them have watched the film for Ajay’s cameo as Singham.

Definitely, all such factors have worked wonders for Rohit Shetty and the team!

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